A Collection Of Recordings 2007 - 2011

by Sam Rodwell

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Right - I've been way too busy to actually record new material. Which sucks cause lord knows I want to. I have a fair few new songs (look on youtube or my soundcloud for demos/vids) but I also think they deserve like a full band treatment, and I I know who I want the band to be but actually rehearsing that right now is out of the question...

WHICH IS WHY this exists. I mean, this all exists across the internet in some form but it's nice to collect it all and kinda-officially publish it.

The first 10 songs are the oldest and were initially gonna be an album. I went as far as to arrange them in an order but the idea never was finalised. The last two songs were technically recorded for another project but I thought I'd whack them on there.

Tracks 13-15 are from a live performance early 2009 (Jan/Feb).

Tracks 16-17 are from 'Christmas Sessions 09'.

Tracks 19-20 are from 'The Autumn Tapes' recorded Summer/Autumn 10.

Tracks 22-23 are a couple of demos for my debut album. I had a fair few more (which I think are on Soundcloud?) but I couldn't find the files and thought a couple would more than suffice.

The rest of the songs are bits and bobs recorded here and there.

I've attempted to attach lyrics where possible, but most of them aren't typed on my computer and I don't have the will to try and retype them.

I hope you enjoy, and I promise, eventually some new material will come out.




released September 14, 2012

Myself: everything.

Dad: Double Bass - Whatever is Right

Various Artists I've Covered: Thank you, I'm sorry I didn't ask permission. Please don't sue me.



all rights reserved


Sam Rodwell UK

"An extremely talented guitar player and dynamic songwriter, Sam Rodwell goes from singing gentle melodies to screaming from the top of his lungs within a few brief seconds. A great live act to behold" - Gerry Trimble

I'm a Singer Songwriter who loves writing and recording music, taking my cues from Elliott Smith, Frank Turner, Ben Marwood, Owen, Bright Eyes and bits of bobs of whatever I hear.
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Track Name: Fantasy.Fallacy.Absentee
It's been a while now since I have spoken
Using others words to make my statements
And now the words I use they're questionable and people won't listen
But I'll talk today anyway its not them who need conversation

You may accuse me of false evidence accuse me of delusion
But Reality: I'm not anyone
And this music's my lonely brilliance

Few would disagree this is me a fantasy

A night where everybody else sings soulful rose tinted elegance
While I sit home reading green covered book of self relevance
I've been told before it's self imposed my distaste my forced solidarity
But the things I do to open up, though they're not regular they breathe sincerity

You don't have to listen but I'm trying to express my concern that this reality "I'm not anyone" is truer than I initially learnt

Few would disagree this is me a fallacy

Do I do this to myself?
Will I be like this for long?
A repressed, bitter arrogance with no-one to love?

If only you'd disagree this might not be me, an absentee.
Track Name: Cobbled Stones, Nervous Feet
The paths wind out before me
Cobbled stones and nervous feet
But the road I choose depends
Does it lead to a Dead End?
Are these the paths for me?

Oh farewell, it's time to go, to see, to be

A Journey full of expectation
Men and Women all for me
But the things I expect to find
Aren't a coloured TV dream
Instead they're the rotting in my mind
Track Name: Eachtalethesumofalllessertalesandyetthesearealsotheselfsametaleandcontainaswellallelsewithinthem
Well preparation has failed me again, cause I meant to say farewell but ended up mumbling
It's been a good few years and tonight's been the best, a Fat Cat delusion that has made it difficult to truly express how I feel:

Technically I'm glad, I hope you do well and succeed (whatever that means)
But I'll still miss the conversation, the company and the comfort that an aquaintance brings

Well Autumn has settled in and the faces I used to know are now just hazy distorted pictures saved on my laptop and my phone, and they don't do justice to the personalities that made up my days and altered my ways - to whom it's difficult to express how I feel:

Technically I'm sad, you've all moved on and I'm left here
And I can see why you did - your future is awaiting you
But still sometimes I long for an old friend to merely talk to

My feelings are in juxtaposition, a tangled web I'm trying to escape from

While I miss those nights on Gulden Draak I can see that this journey on which you're about to embark is much more important than the drink. Still though, I appluad but I'm out of sync.

Writing in rhymes seems the only way I can truly express how I feel:

Technically I'm - fuck technicalities, all they ever are is a lie
Truth be told I'm a mystery to myself...

I've laid down my cards on the table, now it's time to read them for yourself.
Track Name: Whatever is Right
Where’s your ambition?
Turned 18 afresh with dreams the path seemed clear
Whatever they were they’ve long since burned out

Settled for convienience, minimum wage to tide you over
A tempory job till you find your feet (the exclusive interview)
But you’ve been there 10 years to the day…

And you wonder:
‘how did I get here? Stuck in the rut with all my hopes crushed… no legacy to speak of’
I think I might just have the answer.

You never really sought to be everything that you could be,
You just hoped the chance would ‘just come’
Your big break was ‘only months away’ - and you’d be whisked off to your fairytale
Well reality check (with the dream gone stale)
You never really tried.

So don ‘t blame anyone but yourself… anyone but you.
Track Name: My Son Have You Grown
It's 3.35 in the afternoon and I've just finished packing myself away
A box of kitchen utensils and another of personal possesions - my life in boxes
Because tomorrow is the big day

A dormitary beckons with empty spaces and clear walls for me to scrawl my uniqueness onto
With everyone beside me feeling that they too have something to prove

But I already have a room,
And it's got everything I've ever felt etched into its 4 walls
It's part of me and I don't see how a lonely hall could ever feel like home

And I know I know that this is no way to think of the future
Optimists abound I should be looking forward to this
And I am I am but the past persists in me this negative energy
I can only think of what I'm leaving behind

So I confess an apprehension but I'll supress the suggestion that there is another way
Because my fear of moving forward I suppose is perfectly normal for someone who has known no other way
...What am I trying to say?

I already have a room
It's 4 walls will always stand for me when I return home
It's part of me but that lonely hall just has to be a place where I can rest in the comfort that home is only a phone's call away....
Track Name: Crumpled and Thrown Away (demo)
The sun is setting on this land
I've figured that much with this slight of tongue
I've proclaimed it from the rooftops and tried to understand to no avail
To no avail

I've been watching myself on camera screens
Not laughing or at a party but just doing my daily routine
And if I tried to run and hide they might just suspect me of something worse
of something worse

Indignation is scrawled across the pages
of our National journalistic brigades and
they complain about everything but the status quo
As if tinkering about will just help us now

and I've lost myself to my worries again
My mind is thinking about the state that we're stuck in
Just look away
Disengage your brain
Betray my intelligence just to survive

My contemporaries just want it all
For nothing they expect to be spoon fed the world
Helped along just for living and refusing to give back
well thats that

And it's assumed that we're here to support
each other and forget about our own self worth
and I one believe in myself just a little bit
only a little bit

If I tried to protest I'd just be shut down
If I tried to speak up I'd be run into the ground
If I tried to integrate I'd be told to leave this town by nationalists
Fucking pigs.

and I've lost myself to my worries again
My mind is thinking about the state that we're stuck in
Just look away
Disengage your brain
Betray my intelligence just to survive

I'm sick of this god damn place
And I'm ill from all these goddamn waifs
But slowly the world is turning into one big decay
Fraying at the edges, tears across the page
Graffiti in the corners and hearts left by the way
To be crumpled and thrown away, discarded
Well that's it.